What People Say


Workouts are great... pace is just right as I get back into exercising. After just one session I could feel the muscles / areas we worked on the next day. Food plan is reasonable - and I'm a foodie! Post workout instructions are helpful as well. Courtney checks in on you via text as well to see how you are doing and to help keep you on target and motivated. So far so good... looking forward to transforming my body just in time for the summer. I am committed. I must put the work in to get the results I want. I'm on my way....
Karen G.
This is one of the by far the best trainers I've had no joke and I've had a few . Not only does he listen to your goals but really helps you get there and stays focused doing so not to mention you see results fast ! This is a trainer that absolutely loves what he does and passionate about getting his clients to there goal settings . The facility is clean every time I come in and you visually see the trainer clean and keep the facility sanitized after use which is a plus. If your looking for someone good ,educated and dedicated to your goals along with health and dietary I wouldn't look any further .
Nicole W.
Mr. Harris is an impeccable fitness trainer. His professionalism and dedication to his clients is outstanding. I truly felt like he cared about me and the goals that I had set for myself. He always kept a positive attitude and kept me motivated. He perfected an exercise regimen and dietary plan that best suited me. I would recommend him to anyone who was ready to take control of their health and get in shape! Harris Health and Fitness is the way to go!
Harden H.
Harris Health & Fitness has been an amazing experience with a professional trainer that works with you to customize a workout and diet plan for your specific goals. I've never had a trainer before and always steered clear of the commitment to workouts. Courtney has played a major role in changing my lifestyle habits for the better. Many thanks to Harris Health & Fitness for not only the results, but the overall experience of fun and challenging
Sandra W.
Courtney is a great guy! He pushes me hard at every single workout. His workouts are varied to different parts of the body and target specific muscles. He is able to be flexible with my crazy schedule which works great for me. Also, Courtney in general is just an awesome guy! He's got a great sense of humor and a good heart. I plan on sticking with Harris Health & Fitness for awhile. So far, I have seen great results, and I am excited to get stronger and stronger!
Kiara C.
I am a new client of Mr. Harris and I couldn't be happier about my decision! He has eased my fears as I began this new journey to a better me and he provides all the tools to help me accomplish my goals. I look forward to our sessions each week and facing the new challenges head-on with Courtney's expert guidance.
Hannah C.
Courtney is very knowledgeable and takes the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses. He uses creative exercises and guides nutrition for great results! Athletes, beginners, seniors...he's a fit for all!
Kevin F.
Courtney is a great trainer. He listens to you. As a trainer he has the perfect balance of knowing when to push you past your comfort zone and when you just need a minute, and a pep talk. I almost did not go to my first session because i was conscious of my weight and how i looked, but I'm glad that I did! I need to lose 30 pounds and I am shy. Courtney made me feel comfortable and welcomed! I am now down 15 lbs because of Courtney's training and guidance! I'm looking forward to reaching my weight loss goals with Courtney's help.
Jake W.
Spectacular trainer! The results I get in two months are amazing. Highly recommended! Best trainer ever!!!
Evelyn B.
Working with Courtney has been a life changing experience. He is organized, professional, and responsive to client needs. He responds timely and is flexible with scheduling. Not only does he demonstrate his advanced knowledge of personal training, he is able to develop a plan specifically designed to meet your personal goals. At the end of a session with Courtney you feel as if you have accomplished more than you could have imagined. I highly recommend hiring Courtney!
Linda C.
10/10! Courtney is very personable and shows how much he cares for every client he has with punctuality and timely personal messages. He has extensive knowledge of how to live a healthier lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed. I am so happy with my experience with Harris Health and Fitness!
Sydney D.
An absolutely amazing experience!!! Courtney is very knowledgeable, professional but most of all, honest. I told him my expected goals and he provided all the tools I needed to achieve them but in a more realistic time frame. No matter how many times I wanted to quit, or cheat my reps, he called my bs and held me accountable. There were even times he did the exercises with me!!! I couldn't ask for a better trainer and supporter for my weight loss journey and my transition into a healthier lifestyle.
Kym S.
After training with Courtney for almost 3 months, I can attest to Courtney's professional knowledge, enthusiasm, and result-driven attitude. My goal is to tone, and get fitter. To that end, Courtney created a custom whole body workout for me. He guides me in working all parts of my body, arms, chest, legs, and even cardio. He pays attention to my forms closely, making sure I get the most out of my workout, and also not to get hurt. I'll definitely be training with Courtney for the foreseeable future! If you are on the fence about having a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goal, you owe it to yourself to at least have a trial session with Courtney!
Henry B.
Courtney has been responsive every step of the way and is extremely knowledgeable about everything fitness. His workout/diet plan is both highly detailed and super easy to follow! Regardless of the goals you're looking to achieve he'll put you on the best path for success. If you're looking for a trainer I can't recommend Harris enough!
Seth H.
Courtney Harris is an excellent coach and genuinely a good person himself. He is super supportive and sincere about helping me reach my goal. He pushes you every session. I am way stronger physically and mentally than I used to be. I also got to learn a lot about healthy eating. Courtney is very knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend HHF!
Mansi T.